Now offering at Awakening Centre:

Somatic (body-based) Psychotherapy

Remove and transform the imprints of past traumas and unmet needs with this powerful, safe and gentle technique, which is based on the work of Dr Trish Sherwood, Rudolph Steiner and Tibetan Buddhism, augmented by our own exploration of shamanic therapy.

More details are on our Somatic Psychotherapy page


Have a look at our friend Kari's Wedding Celebration Blog for a beautiful story about a recent wedding in our Temple

Awakening Centre's wonderful Temple of Gaia Love is now available for your own very personal and beautiful Weddings, Naming Ceremonies, Commitment Ceremonies and other Life Event Commemorations. Check our Weddings page or contact us for more information.

New Music!!!

Andy's music (including 2 brand-new abums) is now available from the Online Shop page on this site, and also via direct download from iTunes and Bandcamp.

Music Lessons!!!

Andy is now offering tuition in guitar, mandolin, music theory and music technology. Head to the Music page for full details 



Andy Copeman:

Musician, Sound Engineer, Sound Healer, Shamanic Practitioner and Sound and Video Artist

I perform at concerts, weddings, ceremonies, sound meditations, festivals, workshops and other events here at Awakening Centre, around the Maleny area and beyond. Please contact me if you have an enquiry, a booking or a suggested venue for my music.

My music is always uplifting and transformative. I incorprate elements of many styles and traditions (folk, world, electronica, ambient) into a smooth and delightful synthesis. I play acoustic and electric guitars, guitar synth, cittern (10-string irish bouzouki), tin whistle, ba wu (chinese free reed flute), kora, bass, fiddle, percussion, keyboards and several other instruments, and my passion is the creation of magical soundscapes using electronic enhancement of all these elements. You can see some photos of my instrument collection on our Gallery page.

Here's a small sampler of my current repertoire from Soundcloud: 


4 albums now available from Bandcamp!

My 4 most recent albums are now available for download from my Bandcamp site:

Here's a sample of my work from my Youtube site:

Music Lessons

After 45 years of playing guitar and 35 as a professional musician, I have some skills that I am happy to pass on. I am an experienced teacher in one-on-one, workshop groups, university and TAFE classes.

I am now offering one-on-one tuition in:

  • Guitar (beginners, fingerstyle, celtic, blues, folk, DADGAD, standard tuning, open tunings etc)
  • Music Theory ... specifically for people working in the rock, blues, folk and world area
  • Mandolin
  • Music technology (effects, amplification, recording, PA systems etc)

Music lessons (contact me to discuss your specific requirements)

$30 for 30 minutes
$50 for 60 minutes

Recording and Music Production

Awakening Centre has a well-equipped boutique recording and music production studio and rehearsal space looking out into a deep rainforest-filled gully. The studio uses ProTools, Reason, Sibelius, Ableton and a range of other packages, some fine microphones and monitors and a relaxed, creative environment. Andy’s skills include arrangement, composition and sequencing, as well as playing loads of instruments.

He takes on projects as partnerships with selected like-minded creative people

There's a gallery of images of some of Andy's instruments here.

Recent projects include "Om Shanti", a CD for yoga by Radiant Light; "The Seeker", a solo CD for Yandina-based singer Radha Bornstein; a solo project for Russell Hibbs (from Mullumbimby) and "Experience the Freedom Within", a meditation CD for Sunshine Coast psychologist Vanessa Bushell.

Andy also records all his own albums at Awakening Centre, as well as all the soundscapes used in the various meditations and workshops he and Laurel run.

Andy's music can be purchased directly from this site by visiting our Online Shop page

Recording and Music Production                        $60 per hour 

(package bookings are welcome)

Please contact me for any enquiries.