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Maleny, Sunshine Coast Hinterland


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Awakening Centre Natural Health Clinic and Retreat Centre offers our clients a coordinated multi-disciplinary approach to help achieve optimal wellness and healing. Our core modalities are Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine, using the latest techniques of diagnosis and treatment built on time-honoured ancient practices.

Clients are supported through their healing journey where appropriate with reiki, massage, colonic hydrotherapy, holistic counselling, psychotherapy and sound healing, helping to anchor in deep and lasting healing. We offer individual one-on-one consultations in person or via Skype as well as a range of residential healing retreat options that make the most of our idyllic location in the beautiful and peaceful mountains of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. The best investment you could ever make for your health, happiness and wellness!

We are also the home of Water Dragon Teas and Herbs, a hand-crafted range of organic, delicious and deeply therapeutic blends to bring healing and delight into your cup.

Coming Events

march, 2017

Event OverSound Healing with Hapay CeremonySound Healing and Hapay Ceremony March 4th

31mar9:45 am- 2:00 pmCrescent Moon Women's SweatlodgeCrescent Moon March 31st - Women

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Our in-clinic testing includes the latest in scientific evaluation with Quadscan VLA ®.

Health Retreats

Our live-in programmes help you achieve the highest level of vibrant health & well-being for body, mind & spirit.

Wellness Programmes

Re-write your health story with carefully-crafted
programmes combining complementary healing modalities.

Sound & Energy Healing

Heal the subtle energy field to support and promote physical, emotional and mental wellness.

Shamanic Healing

Find, heal and transform stuck negative energies and behaviour patterns to clear the way to optimal wellness.


Experience the magic and mystery of Andy Copeman’s music for healing, ceremony, celebration and connection.


Awakening Centre Sacred Sweatlodge ceremonies are based on ancient Lakota rituals with added elements coming from a variety of Shamanic and meditation traditions. The lodge itself symbolises the womb. We enter in sacred silence and then experience the power of heated volcanic stones, blessed water, sacred herbs, guided meditations and group chants … before being re-born cleansed, purified and spiritually re-connected.

The magic of Kambo Frog Medicine

We're now working extensively with this amazingly powerful detox and healing process, and getting great results for our clients

Ultimate 7-day Detox testimonial

Happy clients from 2015 discussing the benefits they received from doing our detox retreat together.


I am on day 10 of the Shake It program and my energy levels have improved. I am sleeping through the night and don't feel the need to rely on caffeine so much during the day. My carb cravings have disappeared and I am happy knowing that I am burning fat not muscle. My taste buds are a lot more sensitive and I am enjoying the flavours of all the foods I am eating. Best of all - I am starting to fit into the other half of my wardrobe again and the clothes I have been wearing are getting looser. The weight has come off easily and faster than I thought possible in a healthy way. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to lose weight, healthily and for the long term.

Leisa, Landsborough Qld, May 2016

Dear Laurel, Thank you so much for the care and time you gave me recently. I am feeling better, sleeping more & better and really enjoying life!

Mary, Palmwoods, June 2012