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Andy Copeman:

Musician, Sound Engineer, Sound Healer, Shamanic Practitioner and Sound and Video Artist

I perform at concerts, weddings, ceremonies, sound meditations, festivals, workshops and other events here at Awakening Centre, around the Maleny area and beyond. Please contact me if you have an enquiry, a booking or a suggested venue for my music.

My music is always uplifting and transformative. I incorprate elements of many styles and traditions (folk, world, electronica, ambient) into a smooth and delightful synthesis. I play acoustic and electric guitars, guitar synth, cittern (10-string irish bouzouki), tin whistle, ba wu (chinese free reed flute), kora, bass, fiddle, percussion, keyboards and several other instruments, and my passion is the creation of magical soundscapes using electronic enhancement of all these elements. You can see some photos of my instrument collection on our Gallery page.

Here's a small sampler of my current repertoire from Soundcloud: 


4 albums now available from Bandcamp!

My 4 most recent albums are now available for download from my Bandcamp site:

Here's a sample of my work from my Youtube site: