2-day Inner Balance Retreat

Restore and rejuvenate your internal environment while you relax in our peaceful rain forest in your private studio.

This package includes supportive herbs and nutrients to support and restore gastrointestinal function, colonic hydrotherapy treatments to easily remove old (and toxic) matter from your colon.

The perfect gift to your body’s individual ecology!

What’s included:

  • Private accommodation in our retreat studio for two nights
  • 2 day organic juice fast, delicious ‘raw breakfast bowl’ on final day
  • A variety of herbal teas to enjoy during your stay
  • 3 x colonic hydrotherapy treatments, final treatment at 9am on final day
  • Unlimited use of sauna (in your accommodation), loads of inspirational DVDs and books to enjoy during your stay
  • 2 hr workshop on lacto-fermentation principles and recipes to take home
  • Herbal formula to initiate a gentle cleanse
  • Nutraceuticals including pre and probiotics

Commences 10am day one and concludes 10am 2-days later.

Spoil yourself with the following optional extra(s) – all $80 per hour treatment.

Massages and reiki treatments are done in the privacy of your Studio. Sound and shamanic healing treatments are done in the beautiful Temple space just 50m from your accommodation, an easy walk with stairs down into the garden.

  • Massage
  • Sound healing treatment
  • Reiki or energy healing treatment

All inclusive price $890

Please call 07 5494 2101 or send an email for any enquiries or to book an appointment