Andy Copeman

Musician – Shamanic Practitioner – Sound Healer – Sound and Video Artist

Andy portraitI have spent my life immersed in the wonder of music and sound, and realised at an early age the immense power of sound to bring about healing, change ways of thinking, inspire and connect communities and bring deep joy.

My personal journey through music has included deep exploration of healing music from many traditional, indigenous and shamanic cultures from the middle east and south America to the ancient Celts and Scandinavians, India, Tibet and southeast Asia. I am also a believer in the creative use of cutting edge modern technology to enhance and deepen the musical and sonic experience.

Over the decades, I have played in meditations, sound healings, devotional singing sessions, concerts, festivals, celebrations, pubs, restaurants, concert halls and lounge rooms all oveSweat lodge constructionr Australia.

My journey into the wonder of Shamanic practice began with reading Carlos Castaneda and others in my teens, and was given boost by discovering the work of Michael Harner a while later. Then followed a deep exploration of global shamanic traditions in general and specific study of Native American Sweatlodge (Purification Lodge) traditions, Peruvian plant shamanism, Body-based Psychotherapy (Holistic Counselling) and Reiki. My current work is a synthesis of many techniques from many traditions, based on an understanding that there are many paths to true healing, and that each individual client has their own story and their own individual needs.

Instruments and sounds: voice, acoustic and electric guitars, guitar synth, cittern, kamele ngoni, violin, didgeridoo, ba wu, mouth harp, shaman drum, hang drum, throat singing, bodhran, tin whistle, Native American flutes, chacapa, shaker, rattle, charango, bass, low whistle, overtone flute, kora, chimes, singing bowls, synth, keyboards, drones, beats, effects, field recordings