Laurel Hefferon

Naturopath – Herbalist – Colonic Hydrotherapist – Workshop facilitator – Reiki Master & Energy healer – Ka Huna Bodyworker – Registered Nurse

I am Laurel and I love helping people to re-write their health story, whether it’s a simple tweak that is needed or a major overhaul deep into the hidden recess of our human body, mind and spirit.




I’m especially passionate about the health of our gut, and our ability/inability to eliminate wastes. Leading to my special interest and experience in:

  • Correcting acute & chronic health conditions, especially tick-borne and a myriad of bacteria/parasite based conditions. I live in a ‘tick’ hotspot in Australia!
  • Restore digestive and gastrointestinal health…this is where all corrective care begins.
  • Mood disorders such as stress & anxiety and depression, again all with a root cause that’s deep in the gut-barrier. I have a special interest in Pyrrole disorder.
  • All aspects of hormonal dysfunction, healthy weight-loss and preconception care

We offer Studio accommodation for self-designed retreats, that is, you choose what you want and we’ll create it!

Here’s some options for your own Private Retreat:

  • Physical cellular detox: juice fasting with intensive inner terrain cleansing – colonics with herbal medicine detox options, add in some body work such as lymphatic drainage or ka Huna massage, your private studio has a far-infrared sauna, DIY body scrubs and clays can be purchased in the clinic dispensary.
  • Relax and unwind: book the Studio and add in any combination of body work, guided morning meditation in the Temple, Reiki/Energy balancing  and Sound Healing session(s)
  • Our accommodation is suitable for single person or a couple.

A little more about me:

I’m also a mother, grandmother and sister with a passion for ritual and magic, and for supporting my local and global community in stepping up to create a more sustainable world we’re we all support one another.

My journey in providing healthcare is built on a framework of experience derived from my background as a registered nurse with 30 years in the clinical setting; intertwined with BHSc in Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy, along with many modalities including Shamanic healing, reiki and massage, that come together to form an holistic model for healing at the level of the root-cause.