Feeling tired, toxic or stressed? Are you in a constant battle to lose weight? Do you have digestive upsets such as bloating, sluggish bowels or brain fog?
Would you like to

  • Have more energy & enthusiasm?
  • Feel lighter & more vibrant?
  • Promote natural weight loss with a healthy dietary plan?
  • Have improved clarity of mind?
  • Be personally educated in Wellness – that will serve you for life?

6-Week Deep Cleanse is a personalized cleansing and detoxification program especially formulated for those who have the inclination to get into the kitchen, dust off the blender and juicer and really embrace the principles of “Food as Medicine” whilst being supported through a process of inner cleansing with colonic treatments and herbal supplements.

This comprehensive program includes:

  • 4 naturopathic consultations – initial 1hr, followed by 3 x colonic hydrotherapy treatments (1hr each)
  • Body Composition Analysis: VLA Quadscan to assess metabolic cell health. Measured at the start and on completion of the program.
  • Individually formulated 200ml herbal tonics (x3) and nutritional supplements pack (pre and probiotics and gut care nutraceuticals) to cleanse and support gastrointestinal barrier function.
  • Personalized diet plan (including recipes)
  • Comprehensive guided cleansing protocols, including – 7-day email support for any questions that may arise between appointments.
  • Body Detox bathroom gift-pack.

Valued at $890, purchase your 6-Week Deep Cleanse for $750

Please call 07 5494 2101 or send an email for any enquiries or to book your appointment