Initial Consult

This appointment is to get to know you and your health concerns. The initial consult is 1 hour 15 minutes and is in two parts: 1/2 hour with Laurel ‘really listening’ to your concerns, and 1/2hr to complete our valuable in-clinic testing and some time to create the ‘first steps’ treatment plan so you can start making the first changes towards better health, as soon as your consultation is completed. We know that your time is valuable and if 30mins is all you can spare we will book you in for the first part of the initial consultation and then book you in for the testing at an appointment date/time that is more suitable for you.

At Awakening Centre we’ve learnt that shorter consultations (that means less practitioner fees, less costs to you) achieve the best results and we weave these supportive consultations at specific frequencies depending on your case. Therefore, it is my intention that we achieve the best results possible for you in the shortest time-frame possible, supporting you all the way.

I understand that the time you spend with me as your healthcare provider/educator is time that you are not with your loved ones, your family or work and community obligations.

Our in-house testing includes: VLA Quadscan, our clinical examination includes: waist/hip measurement, weight and height, vital signs, baseline urinalysis and pH as well as time honoured and informative iris/tongue/nail analysis.

To save valuable consultation time and expense, please fill out the online questionnaire prior to your first appointment.

Initial Consultation Structure:

Initially requires 1 hour: $120.00, this is broken down into 30minutes with Laurel and 30minutes completing in-house *testing (this 30min session may be undertaken at a different appointment if required)

*Let us know at the time of booking if you need to do this at another appointment).

Summary of Findings Consultation 45mins: $90, this is where you will be presented with your individualised treatment plan that has grown out of your initial health concerns and the testings (in-house and/or Functional Pathology and extras) that have been undertaken to date. Your Summary is a hard-copy presentation folder which includes an overview of your current health status, test results and the implications of these. This also includes discussion of any excesses or deficiencies, and I will include appropriate treatment protocols that address these. Also included is relevant research to your health condition, dietary plans, exercise and mindfulness regimes and recipes based on food being your medicine to assist you on your wellness journey. This may also include referral to other practitioners.

Initial Skype or telephone 45minutes (includes email support): $110

Acute consultation, 20-30 minutes: $40-60 – this consultation is specifically for those times where a herbal remedy is indicated and acute advice is sought until an appointment for a detailed consultation can be arranged.

Further Follow-Up Consultations

These appointments are necessary for your treatment plan continuation and development as well as to discuss pathology or similar results and to modify any dietary, nutritional and/or herbal medicinal prescriptions.

Standard 20-30 min: $40-60.00

Complex 45 min: $90.00

Skype or telephone follow-up 30mins (includes email support): $60

Private health fund rebates available, depending on your level of cover.

Eftpos facilities available

Reduced fees: I understand that challenges can arise in life therefore I’ll offer a discount of 10% on the above appointment fees to Centrelink pension recipients, health care card holders and full time students.

Please call 07 5494 2101 or send an email for any enquiries or to book an appointment