The Medicine of Breath ~ Breathwork Ceremony with Laurel & Andy


Welcome to the first Medicine of Breath ~ Breathwork Ceremony on the online Zoom platform. A 2hr collaboration that includes Laurel guiding a full 60-minute Breathwork session with live music from Andy Copeman : Medicine Man Music, creating the soundscape that supports your breath journey.

Laurel and Andy have been working together for over 11-years,  creating and holding space for their guests and clients to rewrite old story, rejuvenate and re-energise the physical body, and re-Vision their lives ~ in a sacred held space to experience transformation and healing from within, and now adding the power of Breath.

Together Andy and Laurel build the whole session in such a way that there is room for a deep experience and for its gentle integration. We will start with some gentle movement and a brief meditation, followed by an hour of breathwork and a short closing ceremony.

The breathwork method Laurel works with is gentle and powerful at the same time. Laurel is a Level 5 Clarity Breathwork practitioner, the Clarity Breathwork style is a more feminine style of breathwork. It is a conscious connected breathing style that is in and out the mouth only during a session, it is a silent “Ah” on the inhale, and a surrendered and silent “Ha” on the exhale, the exhale takes care of itself, without force.  Clarity Breathwork is a powerful tool that can help us relax and release stress, reconnect with our bodies, let go of old emotions, increase energy, experience joy and peace, gain clarity about decisions, see through our patterns, discover and release negative beliefs about ourselves … and the list goes on … supported with Andy’s Medicine Man Music, to enhance the experience.


How to prepare for your online Breathwork Ceremony

•Set your sacred space: find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed, you’ll want to be lying down so a thin pillow and blanket will help keep you comfortable

•have a landing pad ready to go – such as a mattress on the floor, or use your lounge or similar.

•set your computer/phone where we can see you if possible, it helps with the energy and the safe-space we’ll create together

•consider setting up an altar or something similar if you wish

•have a glass of water nearby, it’s good to have a few sips of water to moisten the mouth before we breathe together

Please ensure you download the latest version of Zoom

•Have headphones or earbuds, this will give you the best audio experience

•make sure your laptop or smartphone is connected to power so it doesn’t drain battery and cut out during the breathwork

•make sure you’ve got a solid internet connection

Thank you so much, please register via tickets to receive your Zoom link/registration details