Fasting in the Forest – The Path to Rejuvenation: Body, Mind & Spirit

A 7-day transformational journey that includes a 4-day water fast in silence, whilst be supported in a peaceful & sacred forest sanctuary in private accommodation

Your host ~ Laurel Hefferon

Laurel has over 35-years in health & wellness, built on beginnings as a registered nurse in acute care and further enriched with over 16-years in natural medicine as an award winning herbalist, naturopath and founder of Awakening Centre Natural Health & Healing Retreat in the hinterland town of Maleny in the Sunshine Coast north of Brisbane.

On a personal path that includes North and South American ritual and tradition, Laurel adds her experience gained from ‘dry’ Vision Questing and years of facilitating live-in detox retreats that juice fasting retreats and herbal medicine to facilitate these transformative experiences.

Building her reputation as a successful naturopath and herbalist by supporting clients with complex Lyme disease & co-infections, persistent gut issues and autoimmune conditions to transform their health and take the first steps on the journey back to wellness, gaining traction with herbs and meditation and breathwork once internal detoxification is underway.


  • Pre retreat consultation on Zoom or in-person
  • Private accommodation in secluded rainforest retreat centre, maximum of 3 guests at each retreat
  • Workbook to support the process
  • Retreat begins with 2-day organic juice fast
  • Water fast for 3-days in silence and solitude from other guests
  • Phase out of water fast onto juices and stepping up to whole foods before you leave the sanctuary
  • Follow up support