Sweatlodge Ceremony ~ Sunday May 23rd, 3pm-7pm

Awakening Centre Sacred Sweatlodge ceremonies are based on ancient Lakota rituals with added elements coming from a variety of Shamanic and meditation traditions. The lodge itself symbolises the womb. We enter in sacred silence and then experience the power of heated volcanic stones, blessed water, sacred herbs, guided meditations and group chants, before being re-born cleansed and purified.


Laurel and Andy co-facilitate lodge every month. Laurel is a Vision Quester and soon to Sundance, together they both honour the right and sacred way of the Lakota teachings of this most sacred purification ritual.


An overview for those new to lodge:


Arrival 3pm ~ meet by the fire, traditional tobacco gifting to facilitators 


Sharing circle and introduction to the purification lodge


Enter lodge at 4pm


Ceremony duration ~ 2hrs


Showers & final sharing circle


Feasting (fully catered, vegetarian, dairy and g/free)


Bookings essential, health check and preparation details will be sent & numbers are strictly limited


$75 (includes contribution to tobacco offering)


Spaces limited, please fill in the registration form below and we will be in touch if we have a space for you


It is important to follow some specific preparation guidelines to attend a Sweatlodge ceremony, all potential attendees need to fill in a health check:



All preparation information is emailed on registration via form above (5-minute form)

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