WISDOM OF THE SEVEN DIRECTIONS: The Sacred Path of the Medicine Woman (Northern Hemisphere Course)

Winter Solstice (Northern Hemisphere) 13-month online program: December 21st, 2023 – December 2024

The “Wisdom of the Seven Directions – The Path to the Medicine Woman Within” is a 13-month holistic and transformative program based on a foundation of rebirthing breathwork, natural healing, ancient shamanism and ritual woven into the Medicine Wheel and the Wheel of the Year.

The Medicine Woman archetype is a both powerful and ancient, deeply rooted and of the earth and associated with indigenous or shamanic practices. The archetype represents a female figure who possesses deep spiritual and healing knowledge, often gained through a direct connection with nature, the spirit world, or various cultural traditions.

Wisdom of the Seven Directions is a comprehensive and immersive journey that guides participants in rediscovering their innate knowledge and is self-empowering as each participant is guided on a journey through the Seven Directions of the Medicine Wheel, the Seasons and Elements in real-time.

The course is a process of self-discovery focused on holistic health and wellness where participants journey along a path of remembering who they are, and who they are not. At all times held in a safe and sacred space, the container for the year-long course is held with integrity impeccably by the facilitators. The programme incorporates various teachings elements such as 1:1 private session with breathwork, group breathwork ceremonies, ritual with bonus Q&A video calls throughout the year supported with downloadable videos, and PDF teachings of the course content.

Wisdom of the Seven Directions Integrates diverse disciplines built on a framework of rebirthing breathwork that anchors the teachings, and personal sessions. Course content includes teachings from the elemental and spiritual understanding of the Medicine Wheel of Native American tradition and Kanakas of the Hawaiian Islands. The practical use of astrological influences and basic herbalism helps each participant connect even more deeply with the ebb and flow of energies and gifts an understanding of the interconnectedness of our lives with cosmic influences. With a Bachelor of Health Science in Western Herbal Medicine Laurel introduces the participants to the use and healing power of plants as medicines. The course content includes detailed information, practical exercises and the appropriate application of these natural healers to support the body, mind and emotions and the whole family, in every season.

The course weaves all teachings within a spiral that takes participants throughout all Seven Directions, providing a deeply profound learning experience, supporting personal growth, and transformation.

The course’s emphasis is on real-time application through the seasons as the course follows the Wheel of the Year adds practical aspect to the teachings, making the immersion more relevant and individual.

We are currently mid-way through a southern hemisphere immersion with the next course commencing at Winter Solstice.

December 2023 – December 2024 for participants in the Northern hemisphere, beginning in the northern winter.

See all the training dates for Northern Hemisphere commencing Winter Solstice December 21, 2023

Give yourself the gift of a year-long program, a powerful framework for supporting you in walking into your calling, both personally and professionally as you transform all the old into the NEW EMERGING!

🍃 Payment in full EARLY BIRD (ends midnight 30th November) $3497

🍃6-month payment plan $750

🍃13-month payment plan $385

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