When you have a consultation with Laurel you know that you are being supported with a wide knowledge base that includes a Degree in Western Herbal Medicine and Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy, all interwoven with a passion for nature, natural health & healing.

  • Herbal medicine prescribed at Awakening Centre are of the highest quality, evidence based and effective. The clinic also carries a large range of therapeutic organic tea blends and handmade medicinal salves and elixirs.
  • Food-as-medicine: using the healing power of natural foods to support and strengthen body systems, your consultation will always include dietary healing programs specifically designed for your needs
  • Colonic hydrotherapy treatments are an important therapy to assist in general detoxification and release of toxic colon overload which then enables the body can heal more efficiently.
  • VLA Quadscan®: the latest in high-technology scanning of the body to determine health at the cellular level.
  • Ka Huna (Lomi Lomi) massage: a deep and nurturing massage practice that promotes the flow of energy throughout the body, relaxes muscles and nurtures the soul.

These modalities can be delivered in individual consultations in person, via Skype/zoom or telephone.