Journey to Health Package – 6-month support program
This package is designed to help you fully embrace the journey to health and wellness. Regular check-ins to keep you committed to the evolving wellness as your body begins to find it’s own innate healing. This flexible program provides the framework on which to unravel the complexity or simplicity of your health concerns.
This assessment is ideal for individuals who would like a “major overhaul” of their health, especially if you have neglected your health and would like to start afresh and get your whole health back on track.
Some of common health issues able to be resolved or improved with the Journey to Health package:
• Gut issues – including leaky gut, irritable bowel syndrome, parasitic infections and allergies
• Reversing metabolic disorders and auto-immune disorders including – Type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, reactive hypoglycemia and depression
• Restoring chronic endocrine dysfunction – adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalances including thyroid dysfunction
• Working in conjunction with your GP to wean off pharmaceuticals such as SSRI’s or similar anti-depressants if appropriate
• Working in conjunction with your GP to wean off anti-hypertensive medication if appropriate.
This package includes:
• 6 comprehensive naturopathic consultations – 1hr initial followed by 5x45min consultations over a six month period
• Supplements for the first phase – 4 weeks (valued at $350). Ongoing herbal and nutritonal supplements will depend entirely on complexity of conditions and level of corrective care required
• Quadscan VLA cellular analysis at each consultation
• Comprehensive dietary program updated for each phase (monthly)
• Complimentary once-per-week email support (Q&A) during program
• Additional Assessments and Tests – if any problems are identified during your Journey to Health experience which require additional tests or assessments to be ordered, this will be discussed with you in detail, including any additional costs, and arranged for you as required.
As a registered nurse with over thirty years in clinical setting, Laurel has a broad knowledge base to draw from and the experience to facilitate the restoration of health within the whole body.

Investment for 6-month treatment: $1160, that equates to $6.40 per day to transform your health!

Please call 07 5494 2101 or send an email for any enquiries or to book an appointment