Laurel Hefferon

Naturopath – Herbalist – Clarity Breathwork Practitioner – Colonic Hydrotherapist – Workshop facilitator – Reiki Master & Energy healer – Ka Huna Bodyworker – ExRegistered Nurse with >30yrs in the clinical setting of interventional cardiology & post anaesthetic care

I am Laurel and I love helping people to re-write their health story, whether it’s a simple tweak that is needed or a major overhaul deep into the hidden recess of our human body, mind and spirit.       I’m especially passionate about the health of our gut, the ability/inability to eliminate wastes and how to naturally boost our immune system leading to my special interest and experience in:

  • Correcting acute & chronic health conditions, especially tick-borne and a myriad of bacteria/parasite based conditions. I live in a ‘tick’ hotspot in Australia and gained immense experience working alongside a specialist GP to support clients with debilitating Lyme-like conditions
  • Restore digestive and gastrointestinal health…this is where all corrective care begins.
  • Mood disorders such as stress & anxiety and depression, again all with a root cause that’s deep in the gut-barrier.
  • All aspects of hormonal dysfunction, healthy weight-loss and preconception care

Live in retreats: We offer shared & private accommodation for self-designed retreats, that is, you choose what you want and we’ll create it

  • Physical cellular detox: organic vegetable juice fasting with intensive inner terrain cleansing – colonics with herbal medicine detox options, add ka Huna massage/body work to really move stagnation in the lymph system, far-infrared sauna, DIY body scrubs and clays can be purchased in the clinic dispensary.
  • Arc of 5 Breathwork to help the body shift into the rest & digest nervous system  which then catalyses the healing power of the body into it’s mode of ‘self-heal’ with the medicine of the breath and in a safely held space that Laurel creates to hold you in the process
  • 5 Elements are structured retreats that are only available in groups (6-8 people in shared accommodation)  and includes full vegetable juice fasting, yoga, massage, sauna, group circle work & ritual, herbs and herbal teas, Sweatlodge purification ceremonies

Join us and our team of facilitators for our next 5 Element Retreat for a deep dive into healing, vital wellness and transformation of all that is not serving – 5 Elements, Ceremony with a fabulous detoxification programme: Tell me more about 5 Elements A little more about me: I’m also a mother, grandmother and sister with a passion for ritual and magic, and for supporting my local and global community in stepping up to create a more sustainable world where we remember how to live sustainably and support one another without power & control but with compassion and unconditional love. My journey in providing healthcare is built on a framework of experience derived from my background as a registered nurse with 30 years in the clinical setting; intertwined with BHSc in Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy, along with many modalities including Shamanic healing & rebirthing breathwork, reiki and massage plus more … weaving together to for your personal healing at the level of the root-cause.