Andy Copeman’s music


Music that is beautiful to experience. Music that brings peace. Music that heals, inspires, connects and transforms. Music that opens the heart. Music that opens the mind. Music that inspires connection to Gaia. Music that raises consciousness. Music that awakens the soul. Music that makes people smile, laugh, sing, dance, cry, be silent, hold each other, be kind to strangers, be loving to themselves.

My sounds come from near and far, from the ancient and the modern. Celtic bards meet Sufi dancers. Ancestral shaman drums meet electronic beats and drones. Street beats meet wilderness cries. My sounds have no borders, no limits.

My music and sounds bring healing, whether I am singing songs in a concert or festival setting or working one on one with a client, using chimes, singing bowls, drums and voice. Recent research has confirmed the tremendous power of music to change our way of thinking and change our health story… my music and sound is chosen specifically with the intention of bringing healing, transformation and inspiration and relaxation. The benefits are immediate, tangible and long lasting.

Instruments and sounds:

Voice, acoustic and electric guitars, guitar synth, cittern, kamele ngoni, violin, didgeridoo, ba wu, mouth harp, shaman drum, hang drum, throat singing, bodhran, tin whistle, native American flute, chacapa, shaker, rattle, charango, bass, low whistle, overtone flute, kora, chimes, singing bowls, synth, keyboards, drones, beats, effects, field recordings

You can contact me on 0407 447 238, 07 5494 2101 or via email for bookings, enquiries, suggestions and collaborations.

My music is available from my Bandcamp site. I have 8 albums available, here are the most recent two, as well as some treats from my YouTube channel, and some tracks from my Soundcloud page. The first one “Maleny Love” can be downloaded for free as my gift to the Maleny community, the other Soundcloud tracks are live recordings from sound healing and meditation sessions: