To support the physical healing process, we offer a range of techniques that strengthen, tone and heal the subtle energy bodies. This allows the body to go into parasympathetic modes, which is where the deep relaxation opens us up for powerful and lasting healing:

  • Reiki: both Laurel and Andy are practitioners of Usui Reiki, a wonderful technique of channelling universal healing energy into the body’s systems. This is a gentle, hands-on technique involving sustained touch on the clothed body in various key areas.
  • Healing Touch: this wonderful technique was developed by Barbara Ann Brennan. It is used worldwide by nurses, massage therapists and other healers in hospitals, homes and clinics. It works by toning the various subtle energy layers that surround the body. It is gentle, non-invasive and deeply healing.
  • Sound Healing: scientists around the world are now believing what musicians, shamans andspiritual leaders have known for ages: that sound has the power to heal. And and Laurel use a wide range of sound healing tools, depending on the individual needs of the client or group involved. These include crystal and bronze singing bowls, Elfen chimes (both Chakra chimes and 12 Tones of Creation chimes), Freenote Wing chimes and shaman drums. Andy draws upon his nearly 40 years of experience as a performing musician to add vocal toning, didgeridoo, various flutes and a range of aura-cleansing percussion instruments.
  • Aura Soma: this powerful range of remedies combines colour therapy, aromatherapy and energy healing, developed by Vicky Wall and Margaret Cockbain.
  • Australian Bush Flower Essences: “catalysts to unlock your full potential, resolve negative beliefs and create emotional health and well being” using the energetic healing qualities of the beautiful flowers found in the Australian bush to bring about deep and lasting change to the psyche and physical body. This technique was developed by Ian White.
  • Shamanic Healing: these sound and energy healing modalities are combined Smokewith a number of traditional and contemporary shamanic practices to go into the inner universe, the parts of us that are normally hidden or suppressed, in order to find, heal and transform stuck thought forms and hidden trauma, which if left alone can contribute to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual un-wellness. Once found, healed and transformed, the client is left free of their lasting imprints and able to function more fully and wholly. This work is extremely effective with relationship issues, physical health and life-path clarity. Andy uses Body-based Psychotherapy, Drum Journeying, Peruvian Mapacho (indigenous tobacco) Healing in conjunction with Sound and Energy healing, depending on the needs of the individual client.