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Awakening Centre Sacred Sweatlodge ceremonies are based on ancient Lakota rituals with added elements coming from a variety of Shamanic and meditation traditions. The lodge itself symbolises the womb. We enter in sacred silence and then experience the power of heated volcanic stones, blessed water, sacred herbs, guided meditations and group chants, before being re-born cleansed and purified.

Before you can join a Sweatlodge ceremony you’ll be sent a link to an online health check form to fill-in. 

Intention Like any deep experience, your intention or prayer for the ceremony is very important, and worth having a good think about before you arrive.

Clothing  We follow the Lakota way which is a modesty lodge, no nudity. Women are asked to wear sweat-dresses that cover shoulders and knees and men wear board shorts or sarong.

What to bring:

  • Two towels (one to sit on in the lodge, the other for when you rinse off in the shower or swimming pool afterwards), a sarong or similar to preserve your modesty outside of the lodge.
  • A water bottle to make sure you’re hydrated before the ceremony

Some words you might hear in the lodge ceremony: “Aho” … means “I have spoken”, said at the end of an intention statement or when you have finished a sharing. Often echoed by the rest of the group, accompanied by the namaste gesture (praying hands at the heart). “Mitakuye Oyasin” … means “all my relations”, an expression of the interconnectedness of all beings in the universe. We use this as a blessing for the stones as they are brought into the lodge. “Senna” … means simply “thank-you” “Tunkashila” … Great Spirit