Ultimate 7-day Detox retreat
A deep and powerful opportunity to rid your body of toxins, re-start your digestive system, restore immune function and re-write your health story. Over 7 days and 6 nights you will be nurtured gently through a carefully constructed programme that is based on the healing power of Juice Fasting, colonic hydrotherapy, massage, meditation & sauna
What’s included?
During this transformational retreat you’ll be cleansing your cells with daily cold-pressed organic juices as a 6-day juice fast process.
To support, supplement and augment this process you will receive these therapy sessions:
▪ An initial Naturopathic consultation with Laurel to assess your current state of health including VLA Quadscan assessment. You will receive naturopathic guidance throughout the process and will wrap up with a completion consultation.
▪ 3 Colonic Hydrotherapy sessions to assist with the removal of toxins and internal plaque, leaving your system strong and clean whilst boosting your immune system into balance
▪ Daily guided meditation session
▪ Massages (5 x 1 hours of nurturing touch) during to assist with the release of physical and emotional tension
▪ 3 Sound Healing sessions to bring you into a state of peace, balance and harmony
▪ 2 Energy healing sessions
▪ Unlimited use of Far-infra-red sauna for cellular detoxification, including removal of heavy metals.  All in the privacy of your studio.
▪ Use of swimming pool for exercise and relaxation

All-inclusive price: $3500 or take advantage of our Special Couple’s Offer: $6,000 total receiving the Ultimate 7-day Detox together.

Please call 07 5494 2101 or send an email for any enquiries or to book an appointment

Sound Healing